Drawcast, an app for people who don't know good art apps when they see one.

come on guys, you can do better than this shit. no rotate tool, custom tools will delete previous projects, developer gave up, etc. oh, you want to stay because of the community? use deviantart. literally just draw with ibispaintX and use deviantart or instagram to upload it. personally, I use procreate to draw. procreate costs money so a good alternative is ibispaintX. trust me, I was a drawcast user between the ages of nine to sixteen, I knew that app inside and out. hell, does anyone remember stickertime, mlp drawcast, or adventure time drawcast? no because they were all deleted sometime in 2014-2015. take it from a true drawcast veteran, you gotta leave that god damn app. its hard to let go, but when you do. the new art apps you use will make drawing much more fluent and elegant...

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