In order to make the DrawCast Wiki a single, accessible place for users to find the information they need, I propose merging this wiki into and growing it under that domain. I have asked for admin priveleges there, and I will try to adopt it. Both wikis are very inactive and do not contain much useful information. I want to change that. Just a heads up! Questions, you can come ask me on DrawCast. - heffalettuce

Welcome to the The DrawCast Wiki

Welcome to the Drawcast Wiki! This wiki is completely FANMADE and all credit goes to the artists that have posted on this wiki and the creator of Drawcast, Daniel Cota.

This wiki will provide information about the artists of drawcast, and tools drawcast provides. Drawcast is a free, downloadable app in the App Store. We hope you will join and have as much fun as me and all the other users! Draw on!

Hello, I am Drawcast_Rin, or some of you know me as Rin_Kagamine from drawcast. I have created this Wiki to inform you about the artists and tools of Drawcast, if you would like to edit and post things an approval page has been posted on my Drawcast account.

Know that this is a FANMADE wiki and all credit goes the the artists of Drawcast and it's creator, Daniel Cota.

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