Ripple Effect is a digital artist that is very widely known on DrawCast for her adorable sense of humor, her artwork, and her understanding toward others. Over 1000 followers, Ripple works hard, adding new content that both old and new users will love. Ripple’s Drawcast portfolio is consisted of ponies, fanart, and adoptables. She cares deeply for every one of her followers and is always willing to sacrifice to help others in need. Humourous as heck, she can make you laugh as if your life depended on it. Her shading and lineart skills are really something to look at. Ponies are something that you’ll see when you visit her account. She has amazing OCs, and each are very enjoyable and fun to draw. You’ll be so glad you met her! Please consider giving this child some love and appreciation…! uvu

-MoonlightMelody (Mooni)

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