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Remuda(Formerly Cough Syrup and TheWhovian) is a not-as-popular artist on Drawcast. His main oc is a small finch. He mainly draws human beings, Silent Hill, and himself, or Martin Brody and Matt Hooper(together). He runs many dc accounts, namely Ask-James, Apatosaur(his personal/'vent') and several he is currently giving away(tons of Silent Hill ones, and JackTorrance). Remuda's full name is Mason Hefner, though usually calls himself Mason Torrance, Mason Debeers, Mason Brody, Seer or Rem. He was born April 20th, 2003.

His past accounts have more followers than his active one, TheWhovian has 1030, Cough Syrup has 201, and Remuda almost has 200. His tumblr url is ruasonips. Some of Remuda's kins are as follows:



James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2)

Bonnie (FNAF)

John Munch (SVU, Murder:... ect)

Matt Hooper (Jaws 1/Jaws 1975)

Remuda is openly Panromantic-Asexual(though calls himself 'gay') and a TransDemiboy. His pronouns are He/Him/His and They/Them/Theirs

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