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Randomusa was a user of Drawcast from 2013 up until 2016. She was in the fourth grade when she began her Drawcast account. Randomusa's early gallery features random comics, art of her OC's(mostly female), fanart of her favorite cartoons and anime (Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, Minecraft, The Walking Dead Game, typical 2013 teen interests), having the quality expected from someone 9-11 years old. She would then start to make quotes and sayings As well as more comics. As she got older, she had improvement, drawing more fanarts and art of her OC's. In 2016, She came up with her iconic heart-haired persona she became known by, drawing her almost daily.


Randomusa was friends with Peach(before they got banned), Montyjr100, and even joined the R0B1N fan page after creating several fanarts for them. 

Randomusa didn't give much information about herself other than she was a preteen girl who often made jokes about her socially awkwardness/loneliness. 


usa made a draw my life which is now unwatchable and technically lost, but it basically talked about how she began drawing and watching anime at a very young age, her favorites being Pokemon and Fairy Tail. She also liked Hatsune Miku. The draw my life also talked about how she discovered Drawcast, how she was a foodie, and her personality as a little kid (hyper, happy).

Randomusa had a story on Wattpad called "Loveless" about a girl who was born without her dad, bullied and abused, and at the end commuting suicide, but the book was taken down, as well as her page. 


In her early days of Drawcast, Randomusa was quite the online bully. In 2014 she got into a fight on TKI's comic "That One Kid In Class..." with @Panda Ninja over a misunderstanding, they soon got into an argument that was pretty much over nothing, and Randomusa told the girl to "die" instantly receiving backlash. Randomusa also bullied a user named "girl" for their username, calling them a "creep". "Girl" is now banned for good.

The reason Randomusa decided to leave Drawcast was because she didn't like the person it turned her into. Sure, once she was older, she stopped bullying, but she was unable to delete her comments on TKI's page. She regretted being a bully. Plus her friends were leaving the app now that Drawcast was no longer in its prime. She originally left with over 1000 followers, but since time passed, she currently has 600+ followers. 

The thing she regretted the most was what she said to @Panda Ninja when she was younger. No one knows where she went after she left, since she gave handles to defunct accounts on her final post.