One of the best artists tbh. she is pretty much one of my best friends and she always brings herself down, even though shes great and needs to remember shes great! her best friend is xanax and she has a lot of ocs and lovs spiders! she dabs and shes super pretty. i hope she sees this ppage and remembers that people love her and that people think shes cool


Best Child -GatorGar


this is gonna sound repetitive, the more messages I send you saying how great you are, isn't it? anyway, here goes:

dear aleriano, you are a stunning and gorgeous human being (unless you're an alien, which would explain why your art is out of this world) that deserves all the amazing artists following you. You have an incredible personality, even if you think you don't. Y'know how you said you ruined someone's day once? Well, on that day you probably would've made MADE someone's day as well. you have 350+ people who want to view your art and be friends with you. that's A LOT of people. You also deserve all the fan art you get, because who WOULDN'T want to draw your ocs??? I know I like drawing them! Maybe even better than I like drawing my owj ocs!! I seriously look up to you, and I really hope you don't hurt yourself on purpose or whatever,,

stay safe, ~Milluna

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